Brim Aviation is a utility helicopter organization serving the United States as well as international clients. Our home base is located in Ashland, Oregon. Brim Aviation operates MD 500, MD 600 and MD 902 series Aircraft and has recently began operation an Agusta 109 SP Grand New. Founded in 1993 by Burl Brim, Brim Aviation offers a wide variety of services including Search and Rescue, Short Haul, Hoist Operations, Animal/Capture/Survey, Airborne Law Enforcement, Aerial Ignition, Pipeline Construction & Survey, Precision Long Line Ops, Construction Services, Fire Suppression, Power Line, Mineral and Seismic Exploration, Aerial Seeding and Fertilization, Aerial Photography as well as many other helicopter based missions. Brim Aviation employs full time Maintenance staff, highly skilled Pilots and Rescue rear crew along with Helicopter Rescue Paramedics and EMTs. Our Operations and Maintenance are held to the highest standards in the industry.